Posted: May 03 2016
by: Amie Saxton

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New Jai Vasicek art arrived this week

Yay! so stoked to say that we have some new handmade art pieces arrived from Jai Vasicek of Byron Bay, they've been selling fast so some as I post this have already sold out...not to worry as there are plenty of amazing pieces of these unique wall tiles & crosses to choose from. In the success of how popular the butterfly wall tile was, we have added in the butterfly porthole which looks even more amazing in real life, looks bigger than the image & is a great addition to your Jai collection. The large Hawaiian Palm is pretty dreamy too & adding in these shapes makes it a breeze putting these up as a collage on your wall. I've made two collages in store to show off these new Artworks  making one of just black & white & one fun colour one, so hard to choose which ones to go for but a blend of both colour & B/W works just as well. These unique & timeless Art pieces will be our Autumn selection & makes sure we've covered all basis from colour to monochrome lovers. Enjoy your week x