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New Jewellery range coming soon

Think a little beachy, layering, stacking and wrapping (and a teeny bit boho) and you should get the picture of our new range. It's a fun take on festival wear, everyday wear with a stylish apporach. We've remastered what's already sold out to bring you an updated range that fills any gaps whilst also bringing back some favourites from before. Lots of sterling silver and some gold with colour pops in our bracelet range. We've chosen not too chunky pieces as our feedback is that as customers are enjoying layering and stacking their jewels, they are also finding it refreshing that the pieces are a little less sizey! Our jewellery has been loved by so many and we are loving bringing you new updates and ranges to fill all of your jewel dreams, with high quality but affordable pieces :) 


Sneak peak of the colour we are bringing you, the stacker rings are yet to come!

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