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Bon Lux natural soy candle collection

  • By Amie Saxton

Bon Lux natural soy candle collection

I'm going to start this blog post with this.....the sweetness & scent of freshly blown out birthday candles & honeycomb, that's what's on its way. Intricately blended mixes of beautiful candle scents that are unique, complex & heart warming. Bon Lux is a company running from a tiny studio in Melbourne, fragrance is blended, mixed with wax and poured in small batches of 6-10 at a time. Finest quality soy wax is used because it is non-toxic, creamy coloured, carries scent softly, and is sustainably farmed. Cotton wicks, hand-blown re-usable glass votives, and non-bleached card boxes are all used to minimise impact on the environment-handmade and thoughtful in each aspect.

We are super proud to stock such a beautiful range of truly special products, the colours, the illustrations & the scents all combine to make something quite epic.

Great gifts & or Christmas presents for something a bit more unique than the norm

Bon Lus Soy candles NZ

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