Posted: Aug 11 2017
by: Amie Saxton

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QUAYXKYLIE Quay Australias colab with Kylie Jenner has us fizzing!

We are so so excited about this new collection from Quay, the styles are gorgeous & we definitely can't choose just one pair! Use the hashtag QUAYXKYLIE and tag yourself once you've got yours, we can't wait to see what you choose! 
Kylie Jenner has partnered with Australian brand Quay for this capsule collection of sunglasses not to be missed. Kylie says, “I’m so excited to create my very own collection and share my love for the brand with my fans.”
The line up is available now & we can assure you won't last forever! Kylie’s passion for style and design allowed her to have a hands on approach to the capsule collection. Kylie has personally designed the limited-edition sunglasses, alongside the Quay Australia team.
Get your fix now......
QUAYXKYLIE starstruck sunglasses
Quay Kylie Iconic Sunglasses
QUAYXKYLIE Quay Iconic Black sunglasses from Quay Kylie Jenner
QUAYXKYLIE Iconic White Sunglasses
QUAYXKYLIE Hidden Hills Pink Sunglasses
QUAYXKYLIE Hidden Hills Black Aviators Kylie Jenner
QUAYXKYLIE Black Hidden Hills Sunglasses