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Quick tips - Bringing a room together

  • By Amie Saxton

Quick tips - Bringing a room together

When styling a room there are so many decisions to make, like a lot. If you are a little unsure of what road to take when making these decisions then it's best to play it safe on the big items, like in kitchen & bathrooms, stick to natural & neutral tones & build on colour and texture from there. Doing this really takes the pain out of shy decision making. You can have a lot of fun putting everything together so when you go to bring in your personal taste you can add this in with your choices in art work, cushions & furniture. I'm a big fan of making pinterest boards, I actually make one each year for home ideas & each year they are quite different to look back on. Making them sheds light on what your style as a whole looks like rather then buying bits & pieces & never being happy with the full result.

Below image shows a very white background & it's everything that's been added that brings this together, layering colours & textures really brings together the vibe of the room.

Below Image shows a neutral room, this has a really comfortable & relaxing feel without much colour being introduced at all...

Neutral Interiors NZ

Concrete Base White Side Table Lamp

Uashmama Paper Bags NZ

Below adds a bit more colour, it can be done! if you are wanting to take a leap then start with one room you want to play with & see how you go, I love the blush accents below & the gold/brass accents really bring this together

Blush Interior

Jai Vasicek Lunaria Print

Soft Blush Linen Cushion

Rose Blush Linen Cushion




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