Welcome to Lusso Boutique, New Zealand

We are a small boutique online store based in New Zealand, when searching for products to stock I look to find something I can see as really special & unique, stocking a lot of handmade boutique products from other small companies around the world. What we stock offers interesting accents for your home or for yourself, we believe in quality & sustainability, our products reflect this, they will become talking points, make you smile & make your house that much more of a Home.

We stock Status Anxiety Leather Wallets, Jai Vasiceks Crosses, Babe Scrub, boutique Jewellery, bracelets which are handmade in Ibiza, hand poured soy candles from Melbourne called BonLux with the most beautiful packaging, decorative arrows which are handmade in America, Vintage Arrows from 1950's-60's sourced from America, Art Prints from New Zealand, Vintage pieces to decorated your home with like cameras, arrows & racquets all sourced from America