Berry Zoo | Dog Collar BLACK GOLD


Handmade Black Gold classic collar is a custom-made form of collar and it is fitted to dog's neck circuit.
You can find a guide on how to measure dog's neck in item gallery.

High strength and resistance to abrasion and weathering. In contact with water it retains its flexibility and lightness.
To ensure high durability and to withstand even very strong pulling, at both ends we have used strong splices. They were then tied with a string that adds some charm and strengthens the structure. Corrosion resistant brass hardware connects the leash and collar.

Beautifully packaged in a recycled cardboard Berry Zoo branded box
- Rope thickness: 8 mm (recommended for small dog breeds)

- Rope thickness: 12 mm (recommended for medium/large dog breeds)

- 100% handmade

- 100% vegan

- Free NZ postage

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