Enamel Keychains


Enamel Keychains

1 - My Wish, I think we can all agree….I wish pets lived longer, cake didn’t make you fat & people weren’t idiots 

2 - Make a wish 11.11 According to ancient study in numerology we should take note when seeing 11:11, there is an important message from the universe every time you see this pattern of continuous 1’s. The 1111 angel number is said to signal that our guardian angel is close and wants us to focus on positive thoughts. It’s believed to be a reminder that we have a plan or destiny laid out for us by the universe

3 - A small positive message to sweeten your day. Learn from yesterday, cherish today, dream for tomorrow 

This range is designed by myself & available for stocking in other gift shops also just email info@lusso.co.nz

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