Jai Vasicek Framed Render | Lani



- please enquire before purchase if outside New Zealand as postage price will vary from country to country 

'Lani' By Jai Vasicek

Print On Render, Sealed in Bees Wax

50x59cm (Size differs from pictured artwork)

Textured Surface with Matte Finish. 

Floating Frame in Tasmanian Oak

Not suitable for outdoor use. 


The Render Edition

Rendered Wall Art by Jai Vasicek

A world first concept by Jai Vasicek, these wall hangings are hand-rendered before printing, giving each piece a unique textured, natural matte finish. 

Inspired by the beautifully rugged rendered walls in Jai's travels in Europe; their essence captured and translated as a canvas for Jai's Artwork.

Our making process means that the texture of the render is preserved, and no protective glass is required. Therefore each piece has a natural handmade appearance that sets it apart from other print methods.

Finished in handmade Tasmanian Oak Frames and ready to hang as a fine art piece.

Bring the earthy warmth and character of a rendered artwork into your interior with the Jai Vasicek Render Edition. 

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