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Paint by Numbers 

Create your own masterpiece with our high-quality paint by numbers kit. Our kit includes everything you need to get started, from a pre-printed canvas to high-quality paints and brushes. Suitable for all ability levels and ages.

Sunday Squeeze is a 40x50cm paint by numbers kit featuring a vibrant, eye-catching citrus table set up. This advanced kit incorporates intricate patterns and a wide range of fun colours, making it the perfect choice for more experienced painters.

This is a 40x50cm framed paint by numbers kit. framed paint by numbers kit is a pre-framed canvas with a numbered design

∙ 50x40cm framed canvas (A framed Paint by Numbers kit is a canvas with the design printed on it that is stretched onto a frame)
∙ 3 wooden paint brushes
∙ 24 numbered paint pots

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