The Great NZ Wrapping Paper Book | Nature Edition


The NZ Nature edition is an ode to the country we are all proud to call home. Inside this edition you'll find 10 large sheets of wrapping paper by 10 NZ Artists, each very different in their execution, but all very Kiwi in their own way. The book is A4 size and each large 820mm x 545mm sheet is folded and perforated inside. We produced the book to make beautiful gift wrapping as convenient as possible.  

We hope you enjoy wrapping your gifts as much as we've enjoying creating the book for you. 

The NZ Nature Edition has been created in collaboration with the following NZ designers and illustrators: 

Bec Brown

Amy Van Luijk

Katie Wilson

Melissa Boardman 

Alice Berry

Jo Pearson


Lisa Baudry

Lou Studio

Flora Waycott


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